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Figured elm chair

Figured elm chair - £850.00

Country made figured elm rocking armchair with drawer, of good colour, English, 18th century

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Oak centre table

Oak centre table - £460.00

Joined oak centre table with pegged plank top, probably used in a tavern, with graffiti to top, English, 1700

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Joined stool

Joined stool - £140.00

Joined stained pine stool, English, 19th century

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Cricket table

Cricket table - £750.00

Georgian painted pine cricket table with undertier, English, 1800

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Oak carving

Oak carving - £160.00

Early oak carved fragment depicting two figures, possibly Adam and Eve, English, 17th century

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Treen butter scoop

Treen butter scoop - £110.00

Fruitwood butter scoop of good colour and surface, English or Welsh, early 19th century

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Painted huffer

Painted huffer - £480.00

Painted huffer or proving cupboard with glazed door and blue green paint under the darker painted surface, English, 19th century

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Mr Punch

Mr Punch - £180.00

Painted cast iron Mr Punch door stop, English, 19th century

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Sailorwork boat hull

Sailorwork boat hull - £600.00

Charming sailor's folk art wooden half boat hull model, on panel, within an elaborate ropework border, English, 19th century

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Saddle stool

Saddle stool - £320.00

Sculptural oak saddle seat stool of strong proportions, labelled W Walker & Sons, Bunhill Row, London, EC, English, 19th century

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Sussex boundary marker

Sussex boundary marker - £380.00

Wonderful painted wood and cast iron parish boundary marker post finial for Fletching, Sussex, English, early 19th century

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Painted tea caddy

Painted tea caddy - £340.00

Charming painted wooden tea caddy of navette form, English, late 18th century

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Fruitwood armchair

Fruitwood armchair - £380.00

Unusual country fruitwood Windsor armchair of sophisticated form, probably pear wood, with very fine turning, English, East Anglia or Thames Valley, early 19th century

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Weather vane

Weather vane - £600.00

Large scale decorative wrought and sheet iron banner or pennant weathervane final with layers of crusty old paint and traces of early folding, mounted on a custom stand, English, early 19th century

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Folk art ship

Folk art ship - £240.00

Beautiful naive folk art painted wooden half boat hull, in distressed gilt frame, English, 1880

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Treen butter platters

Treen butter platters - £160.00

Pair of oak circular butter platters, probably Welsh or West Country, early 19th century

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Museum specimen jars

Museum specimen jars - £290.00

Set of three decorative glass museum exhibit specimen jars labelled for the Philadelphia Museum, American, circa 1900

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Horn beaker

Horn beaker - £180.00

Primitive scratched horn beaker decorated with hunting scenes, English, early 19th century

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